Sunday 26 January 2014

Exploring the treasures of the Dead Sea with my vaho bag

"When the time has come to say goodbye, the objects and materials we throw away give out a sigh, hoping to be saved. They all deserve a second chance to be transformed and show their new use to the world that rejected them." (vaho)

Driving along the shore of the Dead Sea on our way from Massada fortress to the hikes of Nahal Dragot, between desert landscapes and oasis with plentiful water, plants and animals, I found a special place to take some picture of my vaho bag:

My vaho trashion bag is made from upcycled bike inner tubes with straps made from upcycled car seatbelt. The combination makes it a unique and comfortable product. Fashion, strong and water resistant... I can bring it everywhere. So let’s upcycling to bring materials into new life!

I can say durability meets design ;-)


  1. Great pic!! the one with the bag and the wheel!
    where I can buy the Bag?

  2. Hi G,
    Great to hear you like it! I bought the Bag during a trip to Barcellona. Just click on the link on my Post "Hunting for unique treasures. The Dead see 2014" to have a look on their web site!


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