Thursday 4 September 2014

Exploring natural horsemanship in a fashion Parah beachwear

“It is only by pushing ourselves to try things outside of our comfort zone that we learn, grow, improve, gain more confidence and not only become better riders but better with horses" (Tim Hayes, Natural Horseman)

Hello dear horse lovers! Summer holiday is the perfect moment to explore new places and makes new friends. During my holidays, I had the chance to visit the beautiful riding stable “Il Branco” and be introduced into the natural horsemanship world by the trainer Alessandro Botticelli and its horse friend Alce :-) 

It has been very inspirational!

I started working on the communication of the eyes and the tone of the voice, standing in the middle of the round pen.

Working with the aid of a rope

Moving around the round pen using my body language to communicate with the horse. 

Then I practiced some natural horsemanship riding technique in a beautiful arena immersed in the pine forest, just next to the sea, that saved me from the hot sun.

As my first time ever with natural horsemanship, I was very happy with the results I gained in only few hours and the relationship I set with the horse. 

I personally think that each of us have its own way of approaching horses and that whatever communication method we like the most, we should always ask ourselves a very important question:

“am I doing this FOR the horse or TO the horse?”

As Cynthia Cooper from the Natural Horse World said “the first way to learn a better horsemanship is to become a student of the horse. Learn to look, read horse body language and then listen to what your horse is trying to tell you.” 

It makes me so happy to share this adventure with you, all with a gorgeous Para swimwear ;-)

I hope it will be inspirational for you as it was for me. Enjoy your summer and keep following me! 

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