Thursday 23 October 2014

Lovely autumn weekend with my (four-legged) friends

“Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower!” (Albert Camus) 

A kiss for Bamby, our sweety orphan foal!

Dear horse lovers, in this post I am sharing the amazing weekend I spent in my family farm in the countryside of Rome, with my  horses and friends :-)

Leaves started to drift off the trees and the sun was shining like a second spring, warming up the air all around. This is the season I probably like the most when I am in Rome!  

I introduce you to my lovely friends :-)

Aracne Ull Moon and our crew of Haflinger horses

Time to eat for Margot, the sorrel pony on the left, and her friend Sif, the spotted knabstrupper on the right. 

Our little pony Prince George ;-)

Tuff Enough and Strega, our wild Quarter horses, sharing their grass and flowers with the bees after a professional equestrian career

The bee keepers in their fashion suit (the white one is my mom)!

My father in its (favorite) countryside version

Jiminy Cricket (can you see him :-)

A butterfly that seems a leaf!

The lovely colors and atmosphere made me want to celebrate with you that autumn is upon us!

Enjoy your weekend guys!

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