Saturday 17 January 2015

The countryside of Cuba: horses and sugar-cane fields

“The simplest things give off the greatest glow of happiness” (Bob Hope)

Dear horse lovers, there’s no such thing as the Cuban countryside! Its natural beauty will surely amaze you... Green fields interrupted every so often by isolated hometown and lots of horses along the street :-)

Around Manaca Iznaga's former sugar-cane plantation

Cuban handicrafts from tables sold near the Iznaga Tower

The old bell of Iznaga Tower, which once tolled to mark the beginning and end of the work day on the plantation 

View in the Valley of the Sugar Mills from the Iznaga Tower, a 45 metre high landmark which was built in 1816. Here overseers could monitor the slaves once working on the plantation 

On the road ;-)

One of most enjoyable ways to explore this cuban region and join Manaca-Iznaga belltower is aboard the sugar train, a leisurely 90 minute ride from Trinidad through the entire valley

Rural public transport in the countryside of cuba!

Very rural transport... not bad at all ;-)

Sugar-cane fields 

Don’t forget to sample the fresh sugar cane juice to end your journey on a sweet note ;-)


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  1. Hi, Marti :) How was the travel? Did you have fun? It looks so peaceful <3


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