Wednesday 19 August 2015

Crazy for the new horseproofed F-ABRIC Denim by FREITAG

"It is really the first 100% biodegradable textile"(#OliverBrunschwiler, FREITAG)

Dear horse lovers, the weather these days has been surprisingly crazy and the heat level has kind of fizzled out… but this is the beauty of late summer! Preparing for the next season, I could not hesitate to share with you the new Denim line from FREITAG, a must-have item in the wardrobe for environmentally-conscious equestrians like us ;-)

Functional, sustainable, and completely biodegradable, the new F-ABRIC pants are designed to be extremely durable and to be tossed in a compost bin as the denim ages… don’t you think this is simply amazing? 

A piece of clothing becomes fertile soil for new raw materials and the cycle of jeans continues. A material composed with a smooth blend of Denim twill made in Europe using European bast fibers true hemp and linen:

The inaugural E100 female denim is available from 1st October, while the E500 male denim from 27 August at any F-Stores, from selected resellers and on FREITAG’s website
Price: CHF 240.- / EUR 190.- / USD 245.- / GBP 180.-

I can’t wait to testing out a pair of jeans of this extraordinary collection! They are available in dark blue and black, the fibers are moisture and thermo regulating, antibacterial and antisynthetic, making them more comfortable to wear, while rugged selvage and lap protects edges and heavy-wear areas.
For those of you interested, the Swiss manufacturer will celebrate the new compostable world in style in the following places and days:

Berlin, Wednesday 26.8
Hamburg, Friday 28.8
Vienna, Friday 28.8
Cologne, Friday 28.8
Lausanne, Friday 28.8
Flagship Store Zurich, Thursday 01.10

While not necessarily reinventing any wheels, FREITAG has definitely spun one with the release of this new F-ABRIC Denim line!


Photo Credit: Pascal Grob and Oliver Nanzig

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