Thursday 27 August 2015

Don’t miss out the Tellington TTouch training with Linda

“Understanding, knowledge, gratitude, flexibility are the foundations of trust” (Linda Tellington-Jones)

Good morning horse lovers, the amazing equestrian woman Linda Tellington Jones inventor of Tellington TTouch will be back in Italy to run a workshop with horses from 16 to 20 September at the beautiful Gelindo dei Magredi Country Resort.

The workshop will encourage harmony, cooperation and trust between rider and horse and will be a unique opportunity to meet Linda and practicing with her the special ground exercises and TTouch bodywork that allow mental, physical, emotional balance and cooperative attitude influencing horse's behavior!

While writing this post, I remember my 'first time' with Linda and the magical workshop that I've experienced the past year.  This time I will not be part of the crew because I will be pretty busy with my little baby boy who is expected to born this week :-)

In the following video you can get a taste of TTouch watching Linda doing the mouth work: 

So don't miss it out! For any information you can write to and follow all the happenings in the TTouch world on Linda’s blog with lots of inspiring tips.


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