Thursday 3 December 2015

FREEDOM: the 2016 Calendar of Italian Horse Protection

“FREEDOM is a hymn to Life, Strength and Love.” (Italian Horse Protection, IHP)

Dear horse lovers, the new calendar of Italian Horse Protection is an extraordinary tribute to freedom! 12 months, 12 stories of suffering, abandonment, cruelty but also of recovery, care and love.

Koral, Jesus, Innamorada, Ambra, Ola and other IHP rescued horses will share each month of the 2016 calendar, symbol of the daily work and mission of Italian Horse Protection and of all their volunteers and equines. 

In case you missed it… here is the backstage video of the shooting :-)

As last year (see my post here), I invite all of you horse lovers to visit the IHP calendar website and order a copy of the calendar to support the four-legged friends of Italian Horse Protection and helping to contrast the abuses and ill-treatment and the legal and cultural change for the assertion of their rights.

IHP is the first association in Italy for the protection of horses and other equines. It does not receive any government grants and support itself only thanks to the donations from individuals and associations.

Photo credits: the professional photographer Ottavia Poli

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