Tuesday 29 December 2015

Hermès silk twilly: my savior accessory for New Year's Eve

“You are never fully dressed without accessories”

Dear horse lovers, it feels like spring has arrived already! Normally around this time of the year it would be freezing and it would be an absolute struggle to ride outside… looking representable :-)

This Christmas though, such a gorgeous weather gave me the perfect chance to try on my new Hermès silk twilly.

As you know, I am a fan of silk scarves but this one is great to me! You can just tie it on your head and you are good to go. It can finish off a simple outfit being the exclamation point for a special occasion like New Year's Eve ;-)

So it is basically my savior accessory that helps me to look good when I do not have enough time to get ready… which it happens quite often when you have a newborn baby. But I think not only moms deal which such days right?

I wish you a happy New Year horse lovers! A much better one than 2015!

Cheers to us, two- and four-legged ones :-)

Photo credits: Pauline, a dear friend of mine and blogger of International Dolcevita

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