Tuesday 4 February 2014

[Jewelry] Tel Aviv with DAVE+ESTY

Looking at the jewelry's world from a magnifying glass with DAVE+ESTY

Hi everyone, I hope you are enjoying my blog so far! Strange things happened to me with DAVE+ESTY during my trip in Israel :-)

I tried to look at the world from their magnifying glass.... The alternative proposed by DAVE+ESTY is to wear it as a necklace! Can you see the grey earrings? They are made with the famous tags of prices used in the field of clothing.  So strange! So beautiful!

You can always opt for a golden hearts long necklace. Can you recognize them? Dave and Esty used plastic cable tie reinventing a traditionally one-use item!

Series of pictures with earrings made with a green electric wire. My favorites!

What about a portable painting? wearing this ring I feel like telling a different story since the painting within the squared frame is a unique piece that I can bring with me anywhere :-)

Look out! I keep an eye on you :-)

Do you know the Jewelry of your dreams? When I met Dave and Esty at their studio in Neve Tzedek I found both Art and Design together in a Jewelry! I was so impressed by their style and the way of experimenting with materials, shapes and manufacturing techniques.

And don't worry if you are not going to Tel Aviv, you can shop their unique creations online at their web site here



  1. Ma quanto sei bella??

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