Saturday 15 February 2014

Shots of Freedom to defend horses

Happy to announce my first post on horses :-) My love for these four-legged creatures brought me to the photographic exhibition "Scatti di Libertà" (shots of freedom) denouncing violence against these beautiful animals! Look at the video here Do you recognize me? 

Here I am :-) The Islander Project organized this fabulous photographic exhibition in favor of the Italian Horse Protection Association who rescue horses being mistreated, starved, beaten, neglected, and discarded by humans.

Several color pictures present horses living in freedom that have not known human cruelty. 

In the center of the room are placed the helmets of KEP Italia autographed by important horsemen such as Luca Moneta, Giulia Martinengo Marquet and Filippo Moyersoen (show jumping), Stefano Brecciaroli (eventing or "equestrian triathlon"), and Cristiano Cividini (carriage driving).

Introduced by the photographer Francesca De Fazio to a series of black&white images representing mistreated horses rescued by the volunteers of Italian Horse Protection during the Colleferro seizure

The sentence in the picture meaning “When your horse makes a mistake say sorry” encourages the riders to be more aware and take advantage of any mistake the horse might make as an opportunity to train and teach them to work. A relationship between horse and rider working together with mutual respect to achieve training goals.

I love horses :-)

JER stirrups customized for the Islander Project in color and logo

A saddle by Pariani, the oldest Italian saddlery, just for Islander Project

A photo together with Nicole Berlusconi of Islander Project and the photographer Francesca De Fazio

Here some pic of the evening at Gattopardo for the charity auction promoted by the Islander project in favor of the Italian Horse Protection Association. I was invited as Tacchi a Cavallo ;-) 

Among special guests (from letf to right) Edoardo Stoppa supporting the cause of animal’s mistreatment at the TV program “Striscia la Notizia”, Sonny Richichi of IHP, and DJ Ringo presenting the event live on ClassHorseTV.

Me and Edoardo Stoppa with the photo of Islander, the horse who inspired the name of the Islander project

Here I am with the great Luca Moneta, a horse lover and international show jumping champion who promotes natural horsemanship. His horse Jesus de la Commune was the subject of one of the color photos of horses in freedom

Wearing a helmet of KEP Italia autographed by the Italian equestrian champion for eventing Stefano Brecciaroli. What a pleasure!

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