Tuesday 4 March 2014

Be what you want with MIDO

Eyewear gives you a face, the face that you want to be!

with the photographer Giuseppe Circhetta and my friend Anna

Last weekend I was at the fashion edge at Mido eyewear party with my cute vintage eyeglasses! 

Stripped of the role of mere accessory, eyewear enhances your look and personality with special designer frames becoming a means of transformation and affirmation. 

Here the video of the party with all styles of eye frames ;-)

I rented my vintage eyeglasses at Foto Veneta Ottica an amazing haven for eyeglasses fashion addicted located in the middle of Via Torino @Milan. You can find vintage sunglasses and eyeglasses with antique lenses since 1930 and choose from thousands of unique designs and forms. It is impossible to get out of here without a new pair of glasses :-)

Nothing beats the experience to be amazed by the universe of eyeglasses!

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