Thursday 13 March 2014

Carnival spirit

Carnival as a very funny adventure with horses!

Dear horse lovers, last weekend I better entered into the spirit of Carnival with a special partner named Bamboo. It is the horse of a friend of mine that I started riding here in Milan since a few months. 

I put together a pirate costume for both of us by relying on things I already had or I sourced from some friend... How smart! ;-)

It felt like a warm spring day so I decided to wear this gorgeous white shirt and a very wide black belt from my mum wardrobe that can easily be turned into a pirate belt. In this fun style, I adapted a pirate type black hat to the headpiece of the bridle of the horse, among the ears.

Carrying a sword fastened with a red scarf like I did in this case helped me to achieve the look without compromising the riding.

The perfect pirate touch!

Lets go riding and enjoying this day as a pirate! 

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