Sunday 23 March 2014

For every woman there is a heel (or perhaps more than one)

Shoes are like an old friend... they always boost my mood! 

Hello everyone, I have a compulsive adoration for shoes... there are so many colors, shapes, sizes, fabrics, materials, clasps, buckles, straps, jewels!

Confirming that shoes are always a topic of conversation, last week I was at the unconventional location of Mikamai for the presentation of the book “Chi dice donna dice tacco” (Who says heel, says woman) by Bea Buozzi, where I had the pleasure of sharing the evening with other women talking about heels and the fashion world. 

Among others, there were two special guests with an extensive experience in the world of fashion and design: Giovanna Romano, Commercial Director at Vionnet, and Gloria Sibon, entrepreneurial stylist and bag designer.

Here in the pics some bag of Gloria Sibon last Glorik bag collection, soft and luxurious to the touch as it is to wear.

I love comfy outfits, so for this special evening I chose my cherry red flat italian boots by Regoli, a Tuscan shoemaker met at a fair years and years ago. 

Just for you some tips from the evening ;-)

1- Did you know the shoe is the most impulsive buying for women? Women's stores beckon shoppers by putting shoes out front. In short, there is always a reason to buy a shoe! 
2- Have you noticed the big difference there is between a 10 and a 11 cm heel? When opting for high heels the strategy is choosing the highest for the early morning or evening but then goes down... and not the other way around
3- Next season will be back in fashion low heels of 4/6 cm, and Valentino this year brought some beautiful flat and low heels shoes. You can have a look at its online store 
4- those of you who have never had the experience of going out with a guy for the first appointment with incredible spindly high heels? it is a typically feminine obstinacy on special occasions that involve a lot of sitting down :-)
5- never go to a party with the new shoes, put on at least 2/3 times before wearing them
6- always wearing a long dress with a platform shoe

When talking about shoes, women can not stopping the creativity, playing on the correspondence between shoe model and personality, daily life and dreams. Amazing...isn’t it? 

And you? What do you think about shoes? 

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