Monday 28 April 2014

[Travels] Milan Design Week: Unconventional Cuckoos

A world of Duomo cuckoos

Dear horse lovers, the Milan Design Week is the perfect set for unconventional things :-)

I was attracted by two cuckoos at the main entrance of the new Grande Museo del Duomo shaped like the magnificent Gothic Cathedral. It seemed like if I landed in a rainbow!

I like it a lot that the materials used to realize these dazzling front facade cases are the same used to build the Cathedral! From the precious marble of Candoglia and natural wood to iron and colored glass. 

They have been designed by Luca Trazzi for Diamantini & Domeniconi to support the precious initiative "Adopt a Spire" that contribute to the restoration of the Spires of the Cathedral. 

What is your preferred one? I can not choose!


  1. Hi Martina, nice post! my preferred is for sure the orange and yellow. guess you why?

  2. I guess you are a supporter of the Rome soccer team! :)


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