Monday 5 May 2014

First trail ride with my spotted Knabstrupper horse

"The wind of Heaven is that which blows between a horse's ears" (Anonymous)

So excited to tell you about the last week I spent with my family and horses. I had the privilege to trail riding in beautiful lands in the countryside just north of Rome with my lovely 3 years old horse Gwydion. It was the first time ever on a trail ride for her with other unknown horses and she was great! She is already a trail savvy :-)

We went through the beautiful Natural Park of Veio on the way to the horse fair Cavalli a Roma (Horses in Rome) dedicated entirely to the equestrian world. I couldn’t miss it!

Seeing any spots in the arena? It’s Gwydion at the horse fair Cavalli a Roma! So proud of her.

Do you know the Knabstrupper horse?

Better known by the children as the horse of Pippi Longstocking :-) Knabstruppers wear spotted coats all year long. So cute!

The appearance is similar to that of the Appaloosa but don’t let the spots fool of you, they are two different breeds with different stories. Knabstruppers are typically shorter horses with broad bodies which would make them ideal as carriage horses and as circus horses. While the Sporthorse type features a longer neck and legs to be competitive in highly athletic sports such as jumping and dressage.

Isn’t she gorgeous so loudly colored in a leopard pattern?

We got Gwydion almost two years ago from the italian breeder Millefiori and immediately fell in love for her and its funny spotted coat.

To me it is vey important developing a meaningful relationship with my horse. Trail riding was an opportunity for both of us to bond together in a new environment. 

We know each other much better now and we are ready up to the next challenging horseback trip ;-)

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