Monday 23 June 2014

Nails up, my new horseproof beauty ally

“If a woman’s nails aren’t done, she's not totally dressed” (Essie Weingarten)

Dear horse lovers, ready for the coming summer season? This beauty post is dedicated to all tacchiacavallo’s women, everywhere, who strive to live life with horses and a slice of glamour ;-)

Essie got me into the fashion nail world with its latest collection enriching my rides with a punch of summer colors and freaking amazing products free of toluene and formaldehyde that you have to try… because good health is beautiful too!

I enjoyed the new Essie supercharged neon colors, looking for daring combinations of shades: the vivid intense “Too taboo” fuchsia berry, the wildly sexy “Chills & Thrills” blue violet, the “Vices Versa” juicy neon lime, and the florescent “Serial shopper” fire coral! 

I can't choose... all that matters is how color makes me feel. However, no matter what, drying my polished nails is always a challenge. So I really fall in love for Essie “quick-e” drying drops! Nails get dry almost instantly with its quick-drying formula, isn’t it amazing? This is the perfect touch for a horse rider to get a fast glamorous shine!

Essie also suggests to apply a layer of nourishing base coat before polish the nails, to get a smooth and safe foundation, and a top coat to protect color from dulling and chipping as nail care is essential too!

Here following Essie best tip for maintaining nails that won't chip within a few days (if it’s not gel polish):

“We love to do one coat of base, then double that and do another half coat of base from the middle of your nail to the edge. Wait at least two minutes between each coat, and then apply the first coat of polish. Wait for two minutes again, then apply another coat and wait two minutes, then apply your topcoat. You must wait the two minutes between each time. That’s the key. Essie lasts one week to 10 days, no problem.”

With Essie, my nails will have their turn to get horseproof ;-)

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