Sunday 15 June 2014

Ecochic for Piazza di Siena Puissance with Silvia Massacesi

"There is a delicate balance between being chicken and being brave, which all good trainers (and riders too) have to solve" said the six-time Olympic show jumper Frank Chapot.  

Hello dear horse lovers, I hope you all had a weekend full of fun and love! 

The words of Frank Chapot introduce the CSIO international show jumping competition of Piazza di Siena that I joined last May 24th wearing a beautiful eco sustainable handbag by Silvia Massacesi, made of natural recycled cork and paper in perfect balance between fashion and horses ;-)

Looking for a seat close to the ground for me and my ecochic bag by Silvia Massacesi 

The weather was absolutely amazing and the stands were almost filled to capacity waiting for the thrilling Puissance category, one of the most followed competition by the roman public for the spectacular mix of courage, control and technical ability required by both riders and horses.

Here my best shots for you guys!

Ferrario on Uppuldu' Della Monica

Zuvadelli on Demetria Aremac

Garcia J. on Olympichorses Oliander

Gaudiano on Corbanus

MCauley M. on Loriot

Watching the final attempt with the wall raised to 2.10m was very emotional. The riders Roberto Arioldi on Upsilon van Het Gravenhof and Mark Mcauley on Loriot were eliminated for refusal, while Emanuele Gaudiano on the very young Corbanus won the competition with 4 penalties at the finish line were they both fell off after the jump, fortunately unharmed!

The winner Emanuele Gaudiano suit up with its Forestry Corps State of Italy uniform greeted the audience in the arena with its courageous 7 years old Corbanus

me and Emanuele Gaudiano :-)
Piazza di Siena is a special place for me and the memory of the two great Italian riders Piero and Raimondo D’Inzeo enriched the beauty of this 82nd edition of Piazza di Siena dedicated to them. Of course I could not miss it!

Love you

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