Saturday 26 July 2014

Experiencing the Tellington TTouch in a beautiful Horse Resort

“Riding is a continuum research of equilibrium and coordination” (Massimo Da Re)

Dear horse lovers, “Equilibrium and coordination” was the liaison of my second Tellington TTouch training with the Italian instructor Massimo Da Re in the beautiful horse resort of Gelindo dei Magredi, next to Venice. 

I loved the hearing of hooves from my room when I woke up and the feeling of being next to the sandy arena and the stables.


I lived a unique experience and practiced useful TTouch bodywork and ground exercises that I am happy to share with you guys!

Ear touching

Walking mindfully using the Elegant Elephant on the ground or on unstable surfaces such as boards or bridges to improve confidence and self-control.

I am very excited to put into practice with my horses all the fun things I learned during the last few days. 

The training helped me to better understand the importance of balance for horses and the positive effect of TTouch bodywork and ground exercises on both performance and behavior.

TTouch is great for me and my four-legged family. Hope this can be inspiring for you too!



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