Monday 29 September 2014

Riding on a rainy day with H.DUE.O

“Two lovers in the rain have no reason for an umbrella” (Anonymous)

Dear horse lovers, be ready to stay stylish in the unpredictable weather! 

During my last horse jumping competition at Horses Riviera Resort  I rode under the rain with my new H.DUE.O Scottish parka. Well, it doesn't make me look forward to rainy days but it certainly brightened them up already... I can say comfort is no longer the enemy of style ;-) 

I stayed at the lovely Hotel San Giovanni Relais

It is easier than you think to dress for a rainy day with this  lightweight packable hooded parka. It combines your feminine fit with a practical yet chic equestrian style! 
I love it :-)

Kesses :-*

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