Sunday 12 October 2014

Milano Polo Trophy

"Let others play at other things. The king of games is still the game of kings.” (famous verse inscribed on a stone tablet next to a polo ground in Gilgit, Pakistan)

Dear horse lovers, lots of fun and enthusiasm for the final matches of Milano Polo trophy last 28th of September. A very glamorous event, right in the heart of the city, inspired by the popular “Polo in the park” London event. A wide green playing field, the polo ponies and riders dashing back and forth, and them! the finest hats and fascinators in keeping with the glamour of this star-studded event :-)

Dress code: country chic! 
Usually you can wear everything from jeans to high fashion but if the polo match is a major tournament, charity benefit match or special event, you may want to dress up ;-)

Watching players contesting chukkas at high speeds using a long wooden mallet to drive the small white ball into the opposing team’s goal. A real clash of the Titans!

The best bet is to watch players clustered loosely around the ball :-)

Players changing ponies after each chukka (a polo match is divided into timed periods called chukkas) due to the extreme demands placed on the polo horses

The best polo horses combine the traits of a number of breeds. The equestrian sport of polo demands the quick burst of speed seen in the Thoroughbred horses. The complexity and strategy of a polo match requires the intelligence of Arabian horses. And the rapid turn of play in pursuit of the ball necessitates the agility of Quarter horses. It takes time to grow a horse that loves to play polo!

Divot stomping is a long standing tradition at halftime in London. So, I went onto the field to replace the divots created by the horse’s hooves :-)

The enchanted parade of vintage cars

It was buzzy and hugely exciting take part to what is arguably the oldest team sport in the world. I come to learn how challenging and simply awesome Polo can actually be! And don’t worry if you don’t know the rules of Polo, everything will be explained ;-)

I was wearing:
Costumi LaLory Hat 
Top Shop dress

Twin-Set Simona Barbieri Shoes

Iconic La Martina was official supplier of the event

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