Friday 7 November 2014

Exploring the magic of TTouch with Linda Tellington Jones

“TTouch offers the horse a space where it can experience humans differently, where it can be a full partner with us in learning or healing” (Ella Bittel)

Dear horse lovers, it was such a rewarding experience training with Linda last September and exploring the immense power of Ttouch with the Tellington international team. I had the pleasure to spend a whole week at Gelindo Dei Magredi Country Resort observing Linda working with horses and sharing her tremendous enthusiasm for life, people, and animals! 

“It was not so much her speaking but her doing and her being that made an impression which led me to a different understanding of the healing relationship between horses and humans, my responsibility to the horse, and the infinite world of possibility that exists when tools are used not mechanically but mindfully and in complete partnership with the horse” (Caroline Larrouilh talking about Linda Tellington Jones).

Special thanks to the photographer Eugenia Mola Di Larissé 

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