Monday 17 November 2014

Gold Gala show with Longines, a unique experience of Verona's Fieracavalli

“Elegance is an attitude” (Longines)

Dear horse lovers, last weekend was a dream come true! I was invited by the elegant Swiss watch brand Longines to the Verona’s Fieracavalli fair, one of the most eagerly awaited event of my life since childhood!

The best equestrian artists animated Saturday evening with the spectacular "Visions" of the Gold Gala show, a poetic combination of elegance and beauty with equestrian techniques, in perfect Longines style! A mix of ancient history and charming horses from all over the world. I am still dreaming with my eyes opened :-)

The drawings of Paolo Carta brought me into a burning desert... where a horse magically arose from the sand!

step back to the 19th Century with the equestrians of AIMA along with the splendid carriages of the Italian Group of Driving 

The mystery of the famous Tuareg riders from North Africa

Laser performance with Emanuele Levarini and his Menorquin horse Kronos

Santi Serra Camps playing with his best friends, the horse and the dog!

Me taking pics at the end of the show! #TacchiacavalloRidesFieraVerona :-)

An exclusive Longines party following the Gold Gala closed the night to celebrate riders and equestrians at the eve of the only Italian leg of the FEI World Cup. As a partner and official time keeper of this prestigious event, Longines presented its Conquest Classic line, a collection of timepieces to be worn amidst the excitement of horse competitions ;-) 

Stay tuned for the next post!


  1. So lovely and so Elegat!

  2. Amazing! I wish I could be there with you

  3. Un racconto ben fatto che ti fa “sentire “ tutto un mondo di sensazioni, emozioni, esperienze…
    Un mondo che vuole esprimere un modo di essere… che è un po’ anche il mio!


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