Thursday 4 December 2014

Discovering a feminine equestrian woman with Miasuki

“Women riders are not mini males!” (Miasuki)

Dear horse lovers, ready to feel glam and chic while riding? Only for you a preview of a new equestrian brand that you will simply love. After a long research, I discovered the revolutionary philosophy of Miasuki that underlines the fact that I am a rider and, well, a feminine woman too :-) 

Miasuki opened its doors at Verona’s Fieracavalli to bring a completely new perspective to the dreaded f-word (femininity) which is still a challenge for most women athletes!

Imagine a dream place in the equestrian fashion world that covers every aspect of a horsewoman! From fabulous and comfortable clothes, boots, helmets, and saddles made by experienced craftsmen in the best Italian tradition, to innovative underwear, bags, perfume, and cosmetics specific for equestrian women.

Helmets are engineered by KEP Italia and designed by Miasuki in their particular “amarone” color, like the famous Italian wine!

This outstanding creation handcrafted by Selleria Pariani caught immediately my eyes! A saddle so fine and elegant in a warm and stylish Miasuki design ;-)

Miasuki "Cavallerizza e Cavaliere" collection is designed by the amazing Michael St John specifically for young dynamic riders, taking into consideration exclusively the female body shape with a complete equestrian lifestyle in mind, that start at 7:00 am or even earlier and often don’t end until well into the night.

What strikes immediately when you take a closer look at Miasuki products is the essential research for the finest quality and their attention for every detail … I am talking about that little extra that complete the whole package like their Fit to Ride program and their web information and advices for equestrians that give you the feeling of being part of an exclusive fashion forward community!

It was really a pleasure to meet an equestrian brand dedicated to women for women, who loves made in Italy as much as I do!  

As equestrian woman for me fashion represents both who you are and the way you feel, in line with the Miasuki philosophy.

Stay tuned for their launch next year ;-)


  1. Hello Martina, is a great post! this brand is a 360!! world

  2. Wow it's such amazing.. I didn’t knew it existed such a cool brand making a women feeling as she should be while reading a horse in comfort and elegance!
    Thank you Tacchi a Cavallo for reporting!



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