Friday 12 December 2014

Merry Christmas Survivors: the 2015 Calendar of IHP

“My treasures do not glitter nor tinkle, they shine in the sun and whinny in the night” (Italian Horse Protection, IHP)

Dear horse lovers, this post makes me happy because is dedicated to our four-legged friends of Italian Horse Protection

Do you remember the photographic exhibition "Scatti di Libertà" (shots of freedom)  organized by Islander Project to denounce violence against horses? Well, I now want to share with you the shots of Ottavia Poli for the new 2015 Calendar of IHP. A tribute to 12 “Survivors” witnessed of the human folly and rescued by IHP, living in freedom at their recovery centre in the countryside of Florence.

You can buy the Calendar to support the concrete commitment of Italian Horse Protection! A precious gift with a very good purpose ;-) 

Do you know a better way to celebrate Christmas helping our beloved horses?

Merry Christmas

Photo credits: Ottavia Poli

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