Sunday 14 December 2014

Walking with Babi: a reindeer horse

“Women have a special magic with horses” (Mary D. Midkiff)

Spending time with Babi far from the mad rush of these Christmas shopping days is priceless! Yesterday, I went at the stable Scuderia La Colombera and I took him for a walk on the ground with a fancy reindeer antlers headband on …. in the spirit of Christmas ;-)

Walking around and explore a place together is a great moment to have fun and create a special bond with our horses, regardless of what they may wear of course ;-)

I leave you with an interesting article of Mary D. Midkiff, “…The bond is created away from work, pressure and demands. The bond is created during herd time with your horse. Once you have a bond with a horse the partnership will be obvious in training and in all aspects of working time with your horse…opening the door to trust and unconditional love.” 

Have a nice walk dear horse lovers!

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