Saturday 11 July 2015

My Tellington TTouch journey with Babi during pregnancy

“Don’t force horses to follow, invite them on a journey! A journey of trust, partnership and mutual respect”

Dear horse lovers, I really would like to write much much more of all the things I do with my horses, but believe me I am trying to do my best to get them onto my blog and keep you updated!

I first want to share with you the Tellington TTouch bodywork and ground exercises I did in the past few months of pregnancy with my beloved Babi, a warmblood stallion of 10 years with a dominance behavior and a strong yet good temperament… the one type of horse with whom you don’t get bored with :-)

I started the groundwork early this winter using the Elegant Elephant basic leading position that helped me to lead him through the Labyrinth and the poles or, to be creative, through the four-sided liverpools.  

The Elegant Elephant

The Labyrinth

Slalom through the poles and the liverpools

Each session brought new awareness and Babi amazed me with his focus, confidence and equilibrium. Avoiding restraint while giving him a choice to approach and retreat also reduced his fear for liverpools and helped to build trust. 

The TTouch bodywork was tougher as Babi has a very sensitive skin and doesn’t like to be touched. At first, I could work only with the tail, the mouth and the legs. He was very shy with ears, neck and shoulders work but TTouch by TTouch he started to enjoy it and allowed me to work with them all. The back, belly, and chest were untouchable for months and the only way I could go forward was using my hand living a little gap from the body, without touching him! Once he was comfortable, I could finally proceed using contact with my hand. Sometimes I also relied on the TTouch Wand to go softly and gently through body parts where he did not accepted my hand. 

After each TTouch, Babi was visibly a more calm, curious, trusting and interested partner. The bodywork successfully helped me to create connection through to the hand while addressing bracing and tension in the body, reducing arousal as well.

A bit of relax for Babi as a reward

I am very happy because even pregnant, I could safely and effectively provide Babi with a new experience where we both expanded our horizons and that really paid off!

I love the Tellington Method because it produces a respectful willing partnership with the horse using a gentle yet effective technique. It is a new way of thinking about what we do and how with relate with horses. As Linda says “it is an interspecies language without words” providing encouragement, reward, and the right to question when the horse don’t understand, reducing touch sensitivity and handling issues. The most important consideration is to be patient, keeping the work sessions short and build on each successful experience.

My next steps with Babi after pregnancy will be using the “body wraps”, the “ground driving” and the “neck line driving”. Stay tuned!

You can find more about the magic Tellington TTouch world on the official web site or on my experiences

Have fun with Tellington and write me of any suggestions you have found helpful!


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