Thursday 6 August 2015

Bio-Oil: my skincare equestrian friend for pregnancy

“To be a true horse lover, you must love yourself first!”

Dear horse lovers, today I decided to share with you a post on my new skincare friend because it is not selfish to take care of ourselves too, it’s necessary ;-)

Though I usually use a lot of different things for my body skin and I am constantly experimenting, throughout my pregnancy I got the chance to try Bio-Oil skincare oil to prevent stretch marks on the belly. Though I was quite picky about oils at first, I immediately fell in love for this product and I started using it onwards day and night for my whole body… and yes I didn't get any stretch marks.

It is very fast to put on and has a very good scent and texture that leave your skin smooth and not oily, both essentials for me to easily have a healthy skin and enough time to dedicate to the things I like the most… my horses, family and friends and, of course, you! 

There is a whole host of things Bio-Oil can do for your skin. His oil also helps to reduce scarring, uneven skin tone and ageing skin, and you can put it on your face or feet as well.

I renamed it as "the skin saver" because honestly you can use it for everything, not only to combat stretch marks during pregnancy! I think it is the perfect friend for equestrian women like me: a fast and easy solution to our beauty skincare routine. I bring it always with me :-)

Don’t forget to love yourself! It’s nice to take care of your skin and really connect with your beauty, am I right?

Let me know your experiences in comments below.


Thanks to CHEFARO Pharma Italy for the opportunity to become part of the Bio-Oil world, undisputed leader among the skincare oils.

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