Saturday 17 October 2015

The new Pinktrotters App: a network of women with passions to share

“Women traveling together, sharing experiences, stories and friendships creates a dynamic energy and offers unimaginable inspiration for the future.” (Eliana Salvi, Founder of Pinktrotters)

To all glamour horse lovers traveling around the world, as Pinktrotters equestrian ambassador I am happy to announce you the new initiative of Pinktrotters, a fun network of women with passions and interests to share that I am following since a year now.

They are running a cool crowdfunding campaign on to raise money for a new mobile app that will allow to easily share exclusive experiences with other Pinktrotters… and of course with our beloved four-legged friends too :-)

With the app you can geo-localize yourself wherever you are, find Pinktrotters ambassadors like me, all the events, the city spots and the lifestyle privileges - discounts, freebies, partners - around you. Everything will be at your fingertips. Does it sound good?

Just for you the opportunity to get an unlimited VIP subscription by contributing here to the campaign to help building the app ;-)

Here some event I did with the chic Pintrotters!

Pinktrotters is a global lifestyle social network for women, the safe and trusted place to be for events, trips and female-only privileges!

Join the community and keep follow me to stay tuned for the next equestrian events!

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