Saturday 28 November 2015

The 101 Dalmatians: a fancy spotted coat world

“My favorite outfit is the spotted coat” (Cruella de Vil, 101 Dalmatians Disney Cartoon) 

Dear horse lovers, I was so amused by this pair of four-legged friends playing together that I could not keep myself from sharing it with you!

The photographer perfectly caught the affinity of horses with dogs, featuring a Knabstrupper and a Dalmatian with the same majestically beautiful leopard-spotted coat pattern.

They reminded me the popular Walt Disney Cartoon 101 Dalmatians in which the litter of dalmatian puppies were threatened by the diabolical fashion statement of Cruella de Vil eager to make fur coats :-)

I am simply in love!

Photo credits: Polina Pavlova / VK

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