Tuesday 3 November 2015

The Knabstrupper horse at Fieracavalli Verona 2015

For well over one hundred years, Fieracavalli has given a voice to a sector that in Italy boasts one and a half million riders.” (Maurizio Danese, President of Veronafiere)

Dear horse lovers, from 5 to 8 November I will be with my family and our spotted Knabstupper horses at the hall 10 of Fieracavalli Veronawelcomed by the Italian Breeder Association (AIA). Four days of fun to be together to better understand the equestrian world and this great breed of Danish origin, competitive in highly athletic sports such as jumping and dressage and better known by the children as the horse of Pippi Longstocking :-)

Here some beautiful pic of the Knabstrupper horse and its unusual coat coloration! 

Coat patterns range from solid to a full leopard spotted coat, with many variants in between. The most popular is the leopard with its solid white background covered with black, bay or chestnut spots (as seen in my post here). Other patterns include the blanket (featured in the pics), the snowflake (white spots on a dark body), the snowcap (a solid white area over the hip area) and the few spot type (an almost solid white horse that, when bred, always produces a foal with a spotted pattern of some kind).

Besides my beloved Knabstrupper horses, Fieracavalli Verona will host lots of exhibitions, music and sports events dedicated to the horses, the real protagonists of the show! An event that should not be missed ;-)

Stay tuned and see you very soon in Verona!

Photo credits to the amazing photographer @TOMsPiC

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