Wednesday 21 May 2014

[Art] The perfect Polo Fall

My dear horse lovers, I could not hesitate to share with you this beautiful award-winning picture of Emiliano Lasalvia perfectly spotting Pablo MacDonough fall at a match during the Argentine Polo Open Championship.

“The polo player went over the horse’s head, rolled on the floor, did a half-turn, and that’s where the horse ended up on top of him. I saw the horse’s hoof come down hard on the player’s helmet and I was sure it was game over for him but the player got up and carried on playing. I later saw it on TV in slow motion. As soon as the horse felt contact with the player’s helmet it made an effort to lift its leg. It was an incredible thing to watch...” said the photographer 

I like to think of the quote “you are not a real rider until you've fallen off.” So for MacDonough! that was ranked fifth in the world as an individual and won the championship with his team La Dolfina ;-) 

Let’s think positively, a fall can give you a good story to tell! I have been riding my whole life and I have fallen off a lot... Truthfully, too many times to count but my last one was very funny. I was jumping and I kept staring at the jump, when my horse refusing and I went flying over his neck :P

Confucious says “Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time”

So keep at it! and share your experiences with Tacchi a Cavallo! 

I was at the World Press Photo exhibition @Galleria Carla Sozzani. A great recommendation for whenever you’re visiting Milan during this period of the year (10/05/2014 to 08/06/2014). I love it!

Lots of luck!

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  1. That photo is fantastic. Compliments to the photographer! Being a polo photographer of Pablo, i can assure you that it is almoust impossible situation!


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